Foam Clay

Foam Clay is a fantastic air-drying modelling clay with a very soft, foam paste consistency containing small polystyrene beads that can coat, wrap and cover a variety of items and surfaces. It's ideal for covering all sorts of items including our bisque!

Take small pieces or balls of Foam Clay, press them onto the item and spread evenly over the surface with your fingers. Ensure you use an ample amount of Foam Clay to cover the given area. Leave to dry for a few hours and Foam Clay sets to a firm and hard surface.

Perfect for sculpturing, shaping, modelling and more, this self-hardening Foam Clay is sure to keep kids (or adults!) amused for hours on end.

All colours are vivid, bright and inter-mixable. The creative possibilities are endless!

Suitable for ages three years and over.

How it works

Step 1: Choose your pottery from the pictures below. Prices are shown next to each picture.

Step 2: Choose your Foam Clay from the section below. Prices and suggested quantities are shown next to the pictures. Please note that Foam Clay can be purchased alongside pottery or on its own for mini modelling or covering other items. Colours subject to availability.

Step 3: Delivery charges will be applied upon ordering. Delivery will be charged at £4 for addresses within 15 miles of TF11 9EF (as calculated on the shortest distance on Googlemaps). For addresses more than 15 miles away we will quote individually.

Step 4: Call, Facebook message or email the studio to place your order and we will take your payment (over the phone by card or provide bank details) and provide a delivery date.


Money boxes (£9.50 each)

Money boxes (£9.50 each)

Money boxes (£9.50 each)

Money boxes (£9.50 each)

Money boxes (£9.50 each)

Money boxes (£9.50 each)

Money boxes (£9.50 each)

Set of 5 mini houses (£9.50) SOLD OUT

Beaver / Eagle / Bird / Fox / Hedgehog (£4.75 each)

Superboy SOLD OUT / Supergirl / Pirate / Ice Princess / Mrs Gnome SOLD OUT / Mr Gnome (£4.75 each )

Dinosaur / Princess / Pegasus / Unicorn / Prince / Mermaid SOLD OUT (£4.75 each)

Horse / Llama / Chick / Rabbit / Sheep / Cow (£4.75 each)

Flamingo / Lion / Rhino / Meerkat / Crocodile (£4.75 each)

Jumbo Jet / Camper Van / Car / Fighter Jet (£4.75 each)

Gecko / Polar Bear / Peacock / Sloth (£4.75 each)

Panda / Poop Emoji / Penguin (£4.75 each)

Butterfly / Frog / Turtle / Ladybird (£4.75 each)

Sausage dog / Chihuahua / Cat / Pug / Crouching Dog (£4.75 each)

Spike Monster / Wiggles Monster / Cyclops Monster (£4.75 each)

Dolphin SOLD OUT / Seahorse / Shark / Lobster / Octopus / Fish / Clown Fish (£4.75 each)

Pen Pot (£4.75) / Shirt Pen Pot (£8.50) / Splatter Bowl (£8)

Heart dish (£7) / Medium Dolphin (£7) / Medium Heart Box (£8)

Bunny with Easter Egg SOLD OUT / Wall Gecko (£5.50 each)

Skull / Tank / Fire Engine (£5 each)

Skateboard / Large Fighter Jet / Butterfly Plaque SOLD OUT (£8 each)

Large Llama / Dragon / Snake (£8 each)

Large Cat / Large Chihuahua / Large Dog (£8 each)

Large Unicorn / Large Rabbit / Racing Car (£8.50 each)

Large Seahorse / Large Horse / Large Flamingo / T-Rex (£9 each)

Large Princess / Moonbeam Fairy / Large Pegasus / Side Sitting Fairy SOLD OUT / Cross Legged Fairy (£9 each)

Plaque (£7)

Large LOVE (£8)

Large FAMILY (£9.50)

Photoframe with glass and backing (£10)

Letter (please specify) (£4 each)

Ballet shoes (£4.75)

Foam Clay

Large Foam Clay Pack (Bright)

10 x 35g (£17)

Will cover approx 6-8 of the small animals or letters

Large Foam Clay Pack (Glitter) *SOLD OUT*

10 x 35g (£17)

Will cover approx 6-8 of the small animals or letters

Small Foam Clay Pack

6 x 14g (£7)

Available in pastel, bright or metallic (please specify)

Will cover approx 1-2 of the small animals or letters

Individual Foam Clay Tub

1 x 35g (£2)

Please specify colour(s)