Boxed Kits

These are a fab range of boxed kits from engraving to foam clay to felt craft. Everything you need in one box for happy crafting.

How it works

Step 1: Choose your kit from the pictures below. Prices are shown next to each picture.

Step 2: Delivery will be charged at £4 for addresses within 15 miles of TF11 9EF (as calculated on the shortest distance on Googlemaps). For addresses more than 15 miles away we will quote individually. A delivery date will be provided upon receipt of payment.

Step 3: Call, email or Facebook message the studio to order. Payment can be made over the phone by card or by bank transfer – details given upon order.

3D Wood Puzzle Stegosaurus / Triceratops (£6) SOLD OUT

3D Wood Puzzle Spinosaurus SOLD OUT / Apatosaurus (£6)

3D Wood Puzzle T-Rex SOLD OUT / Spider (£6)

3D Wood Puzzle Helicopter (£6) SOLD OUT

Candle Making Kit (£10.50) SOLD OUT

Soap Making Kit (£10.50) SOLD OUT

Glass Painting Kit (10.50) SOLD OUT

Teddy Crochet Kit (£10.50)

Beeswax Candle Kit (£6.50)

Marbling Craft Kit (£6.50)

Shell Craft Kit (£7.50) SOLD OUT

Knit Your Own Unicorn (£11.50)

Copper Engraving Kit Tiger SOLD OUT/ Kitten and Puppy (£4.50 each)

Copper Engraving Kit Monkey / Lioness (£4.50 each)

Holographic Engraving Kit Turtle SOLD OUT / Shark / Proud Unicorn SOLD OUT (£4.50 each)

Holographic Engraving Kit Unicorn SOLD OUT/ Seahorse (£4.50 each)

Glow Engraving Kit Tarantula / T-Rex SOLD OUT / Octopus (£4.50 each)

Gold Engraving Kit Retriever / Owl / Meerkat (£4.50 each)

Silver Engraving Kit Wolf / Panda SOLD OUT / Horse (£4.50 each)

Mini Engraving Kit Dolphin / Leopard (£2.50 each) SOLD OUT

Red Squirrel Felting Kit (£21) SOLD OUT / Sleepy Koala Felting Kit (£18) / Fox Felt Craft (£6.50)

Foam and Silk Clay Kits ( £6.50 each)

Farmageddon Kits: Lula SOLD OUT/ Bitzer / Shaun SOLD OUT ( £6.50 each)

Monster kits; Red / Blue / Black

(£6.50 each)

Unicorn kits: Green / Blue / Pink (£6.50 each)

Peter Pirate / Petra Pirate / Polly Parrot ( £6.50 each)

Large Foam and Silk Clay Kit - Unicorn / Fairy SOLD OUT( £21 each)

Dalek - with paints (£10) SOLD OUT / without paints (£6)

Tardis - with paints (£10.50) / without paints (£7)